Gaining weight after HCG

Today is the first day that I could go back to a normal diet. I had a plan for what I was going to eat, however I will not torture any of you who are still following the diet with my indulgences. I reached my near-goal, as I had mentioned in my last post, I was at 122 pounds. That was 3 days after I stopped the injections. From there on out I rapidly gained weight again.

I have been careful, except for my unmonitored nut eating the first week of maintenance. I have an App on my iPhone called Lose It which helps me to keep track of my calories. I have been eating 800-1100 calories per day, 1100 on exercise days. I am also careful not to bombard my body with fats like lots of cheese, olives and avocado (This used to be my husbands favorite way to make a salad; we know better now). My exercise routine has been varied with running, walking, yoga, and weight lifting, usually about 4 times per week. With close monitoring and regular exercise it has been a surprise to step on the scale and see weight gain almost daily. Yesterday I was up to 130 pounds. So that’s 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I definitely feel it. I have that stuffed feeling again. This has been enormously frustrating for me, and also very depressing. I have been  emotionally down for the most part. After all this hard work and dedication, how could I possibly be gaining weight so quickly. This is not something that happened after the first round. I had only gained about 2 pounds back.

I have a couple of theories for this: 1) Following a 500 calorie diet for 7 weeks will drastically reduce your metabolism, and increasing this to double could add pounds very quickly; 2) At a lower weight, 122, which my body is by no means used to, even though this is when I felt my best, I do not need to eat nearly as many calories as I think and definitely not nearly as much as I used to eat at 155-160 pounds, even if I am hungry. Whatever the answer is, I know I have to be even more careful now- carbs add calories fast, and bigger butts and thighs even faster. I always joke that just looking at bread or cake can put on the weight, without even eating it.

I know that I told many people that they would not be able to maintain their weight loss if they went back to eating poorly. I don’t believe that I was a poor eater before anyway, but I know I will have to keep my calories a bit reduced. I will not be able to eat much cheese because it is just not worth wasting the calories. I would rather have a nice apple that will fill my belly. However, I do recommend the Laughing Cow cheese ( I usually buy this at Costo– they sell a 5 pack with about 8 cheese wedges in each). It is a nice snack to spread onto an apple with a bit of cinnamon sprinkle, and it is only 35 calories. It is so soft and delicious, kind of like a Brie without the bite.

I am going to really put forth the effort to get in vigorous workouts and hopefully burn off some poundage. I still feel much better than I did and I am glad that I used to HCG again to help me get closer to my weight goal. I met with my regular internist today, and most of my blood work numbers are looking very good. My A1C (Glucose test) is at 6, and my thyroid numbers are good as well. I am happy with this. And I will move forward with my healthier lifestyle, and not let the scale numbers rule my day or my emotions. I am in a better place and I am happy to be here.

*After reading please see my post “Why I gained weight after HCG”*


About mkyannon

Hi I am a Type I Diabetic with Hypothyroidism. I have had trouble losing weight my entire life. I was diagnosed with Diabetes when I was 11 years old, and started experiencing weight gain around 13. I am writing this blog to keep progress of my weight loss on the hCG diet, and to try to help anyone who has had the same trouble as myself. In addition, it is nice to have a partner along the way. So if this helps anyone in their progress on this diet I will be happy.
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10 Responses to Gaining weight after HCG

  1. ellen says:

    i enjoyed reading your experiences. sounds like you are doing everything right so it is weird that you are gaining… i am wondering if you tried doing steak days when you saw your weight climb?

    i started at 141 and have been on the diet for about 18 days. i am doing the drops. things were going at about 1/2 lb a day until the last few days – and i have never cheated. the last 2 days i have actually seen the scale go up – so i think it must be my insane constipation! i am now back to 134.2 (from 133.2 a couple of days ago) so I am bummed. today i will try the apple day and various remedies for the bowels. oh dear…

    hang in there and thanks for the blog!

    • mkyannon says:

      Hi Ellen!

      I appreciate your comments, I’m sure that other people have the same thoughts or questions. In response to your question about “steak day”, no I have not done this. To anyone who does not know what this is: if you have gained more than two pounds after completing the diet, they recommend (originally Dr Simeons) going all day without eating anything, then having the biggest steak that you can eat for dinner. Somehow this is supposed to remedy the problem of the weight gain, and get you back on track.

      I have not used this for a couple reasons. First as I mentioned the hcg shots really did help to suppress appetite, and not taking them, I could not go all day without eating. Second, I am diabetic so this would really have an effect on my bloodsugars most likely causing a severe drop, and creating moodiness. I was able to handle eating much less on the hcg because it seemed to really keep my blood sugars where they were supposed to be, even if I did an apple day, but I would still have dinner because I was too hungry.

      Third, I want to eat normally again and get my body accustomed to handling slightly more calories at times without having a spike in my weight. I was really eager to be done with the diet and speed my metabolism back up again to handle a normal diet (about 1000-1200 calories still lower than most people). This is why I have been working my body very hard at the gym, and keeping track of my calories every day. However, I have obviously not been successful. Even though I am a strong supporter of this diet, I do not feel that following it long term, or severly restricting calories long term is a good idea, especially for me.

      Ellen, my advise to you- Don’t worry about gaining a pound, it is not realy that much, and sometimes is just water retention. Having a bowel movement will definitely help. Drink some smooth move tea, it really works, and have two cups if you feel like you need to. Let me know how it goes, I’m anxious to hear how your progress is. What is your goal weight?

      All the best,

      • ellen says:

        Hi Meredith,
        My goal weight is 125 but I want to see how I am feeling – I may want to lose more or less than that…

        As of today, day 22 of VLCD, I am down to 130.4. I am really happy to be down to this weight, even if it is slower going than I hoped. In truth, no other diet could have worked better. I know that because I am pretty sure I have tried them all! So onward I go. Still hoping to find some great trick to kick things up a notch, of course!

        Hope things are coming together for you, too!


      • mkyannon says:

        Ellen, it sounds like you are doing great! Keep going and you should be able to reach your goal shortly!

  2. Beth says:

    You are gaining weight because you are not eating enough. You need to eat at least 1500 calories a day or you have placed your body back into starvation mode. Increase your calories and you should be able to stop the weight gain.

    • mkyannon says:

      Hi Beth, Thanks for your comment, I appreciate hearing from everyone. I wish that the formula were that simple for me. I understand what you are saying, however, I have had tests done to see how many calories my body burns on a normal day. That number was only 1200, but this is different for everyone, it is very personal. So eating more than that without exercise would certainly cause weight gain. Also this diet really causes your body to become very sensitive to foods you have removed, like fats and carbohydrates. So adding these back in too quickly can cause weight gain.

      Also the way that I understand how starvation works is by not providing your body with enough food so it then holds onto what you already have. In addition, starvation means not enough, therefore there would be no way to actually gain weight if your body is starving: you could stay the same or lose but not gain. I think, as I said after meeting with my doctor, I added in too many foods too quickly that my body was just not ready to handle.

  3. Roger says:

    I did the HCG platinum drops for 26 days (ran out of drops so ended cycle here and started the same foods, with a couple more veggies, fruit and proteins.) 3 days after this I’ve increased my calories to about 1500-2000 (per the documentation) and so far I have gained 1 lb per day. I did the steak day yesterday and gained another pound today. I’ve also added weight lifting and cardio 3 days a week to the plan. So far it seems that I am gaining as fast as I lost the weight. I’m very disappointed so far. This was my only concern with this diet was that I’d gain back the weight as fast as I’d lost it. Now it seems I’m facing that reality. I’m hoping it plateau’s and holds before I get back up to 289 (starting weight) when I had made it down to 265. Any advice?

    • mkyannon says:

      Hi Roger,
      This is an intense dieting program. My first piece of advice for anyone following this plan is to see a doctor. Find one who is familiar with the hCG protocol, have some blood work done, and touch base with him or her on a weekly basis to go over your progress, and make changes where necessary. If you are doing this all on your own, it does make it more difficult, but I can offer some suggestions based on my experiences. Some of these suggestions are different from the original protocol, but they have been given to me by my doctor based on positive results.

      In the first part of maintenance do not add any starches, sugars or fats to your diet. Your body has slowed down its metabolism, so introducing these foods too quickly may shock the system, and just add the pounds right back. You should probably increase your protein and vegetable intake slowly, but do not increase your fruits because they are ultimately sugars. Be careful to measure your protein to make sure you are not eating too much. If you were eating 3-4 ounces of protein while on the hCG program, you may want to add about 3-4 ounces since you have stopped. 3 days after is probably too soon to increase calorie intake to 2000. Don’t forget your body got used to only 500 calories, and 3 days of cardio activity and weight lifting is not enough to bring it back to normal. It will probably take just as long to normalize your metabolism as you spent on the diet (26 days). You should take everything slowly. I think a minimum of 3 weeks maintenance during which you slowly increase your calories should help to regulate your body again. Then you can slowly incorporate fats again, and only the carbohydrates that are necessary (which may be just extra fruits). I have found that carbs like breads, pasta, and rice pack on the pounds for me so I try to avoid them all together. If you can get in some extra cardio workouts, even if they are mild, like walking, it should help to boost that metabolism.

      I understand the frustration with weight gain after loss, especially when you are working so hard. Maintaining a healthy weight means working at it every day. It is not a quick process, then you can go back to old unhealthy habits. This is why the maintenance phase is so crucial to keeping the weight off your body. It does take time, but give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far! You have done a good job. I hope this has been helpful, let me know if I can offer any other suggestions. 🙂

  4. Melissa Fountain says:

    So Now I am really scared. I too have been gaining like crazy. I have gained 10 pounds in 23 days of my Phase 3. I eat very healthy and have not added any starches or sugars in. I already feel my mid section getting fluffy again. I still have more weight to lose and this was my 3rd round. All together I have gone from 190 to 144 now back up to 154. On my first 2 rounds I had no trouble maintaiing losses…. but now….. So I am freaked out I do not want to gain any more I eat arounf 1200-1500 calories and also exaecise but really get discouraged at gains and I am feeling very depressed. I have given all my Fat clothes away and my new clothes are getting snug. Now what??

    • mkyannon says:

      HI Melissa, I certainly understand this frustration: working so hard and still gaining…ugghh!

      I have a question for you, were you seeing a doctor for treatment and using HCG injections or did you buy drops online? The reason I ask is that I have been working with my doctor during my HCG weight loss treatment, and there may be some factors contributing to your weight gain if you were using the drops as opposed to injections. After talking with my Dr about using drops or injections she informed me that blood tests showed no active HCG in patients treated with drops versus injections. HCG will help to maintain muscle mass while dieting, as opposed to most other dieting programs where you could lose up to 50% of your muscle mass. If you were using drops, you may have lost more muscle than you might have expected, and you may be regaining that muscle back again.

      However, that may not be the case and my doctor has recommended a stricter diet during maintenance, especially if you still want to lose more weight. I would restrict your fats, and keep your calories a little bit lower, maybe around 1000. Don’t forget that following the HCG diet requires only 500 calories per day, and it takes a while once you come off to re-establish your metabolism to normal again. In the same situation I would follow a diet of 800-1000 calories per day, no fats, no sugars or starches, and make sure you exercise every day: cardio activities, and weight training will help 2-3 times per week. Just keep in mind to go back to basics if your weight increases: keep your meals simple, and fat free. If this still does not help, you should have some blood work done to check for other factors like underactive thyroid function.
      Good Luck and stay in touch!

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